Are olives a healthy for food

Are olives a healthy

This time we will share information from the health about olive oil. Olives are HealthyOlive oil is a vegetable oil that is highly chlorinated antlions and polyphenols and monounsaturated fats. Thus, it means that olive oil is good for health. This is especially beneficial for the heart, lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol plus. In general, people mistakenly use olive oil, used for cooking anything with a high temperature. The goal does well, want to be healthier. But did you know that not all the way to cook with olive oil it is always good for the health ?. There is a particular way of cooking, which actually is not good if you use olive oil !. In fact, the use of olive oil is less precise for cooking, it can be detrimental to health.

How to take advantage of the olive oil is right for the sake of your health, you can use if you make it as a dressing for salads or sauteing the vegetables over medium heat, olive oil is a very good choice. This is because oil has a different flavor, you can use them into dishes with steamed vegetables, soup or bread. Olive oil contains faster when compared with other vegetable oils so it is a great choice for health, especially the heart.

And you do not use if you are cooking food that should use a big fire, you should not use olive oil. This is because olive oil has a lower smoke point so that the high heat will smoky. And if you heat the olive oil to the smoke point, the beneficial compounds contained in olive oil will begin to decline, and even the shape of the compound will be transformed into a compound that potentially detrimental to health.

Any substitute healthier olive oil to cook at high temperatures? Canola oil is another vegetable oil that has a higher smoke point than olive oil and is a good choice if used for cooking on high heat Рsuch as roasting vegetables or sauteing food with high heat. Canola oil also has a neutral taste, and contain omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the heart, and is also ideal for cooking. This type of oil is cheaper than olive oil, so if you want to save money and stay healthy, then the canola oil is a good choice. Coconut oil is traditionally made, even much healthier cooking/frying foods at high temperatures than olive oil, because it is much more resistant and its compounds are not easily broken. The bottom line of fry using olive oil is not always good. Sometimes healthy olive oil and expensive this would turn out to be detrimental to health because of a little misunderstanding about its use. Quite simply add a little olive oil over the bread, salads, stews, or for saut̩ing over medium heat, and you will get the benefits for your health.

Olives Healthy need to be known by everyone that we know how to utilize the Healthy Olives.

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