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List of healthy foods- Choosing a healthy diet f or the body is not easy,Not to mention if the food is a taboo is one of the favorite foods. Healthy food is very important for health, not just for people who undergo a diet program. From an article that discusses the causes of uric acid, e food is a taboo is one of the favorite foods. Healthy food is very important for health, not just for people who undergo a diet program. From an article that discusses the causes of uric acid, cholesterol and cardiac acid, generally the cause is sourced from the food we consume daily.

Food sources that contain protein, carbohydrates, iron and fat are all beneficial to the body. Note to you is how to regulate diet, food combinations and exercise routine.Foods that enter the body will produce the rest of the metabolism that must be removed, the easy way through sweat. This is the reason why we are encouraged to exercise so that the toxic waste of body metabolism immediately issued.

Why a healthy food important?
To maintain fitness after a day of activity, it takes various types of healthy food to keep the body fit and healthy. You can start by making healthy menu notes in the days to come. Choose what the body needs and avoid that do not need to eat, especially various fried foods. Important parts of your notes aimed at exploring what healthy foods you can prepare.Healthy foods are foods that meet the nutritional needs and energy for the body. Examples of healthy daily food menu that can be beneficial to the body is very important for us to know. Here is an example of a healthy diet that you can prepare as your daily menu.

Healthy Foods That Contain Protein Foods.
The most important healthy food menu must necessarily contain protein, this substance is very important to help the body in keep energy in daily activities.

Kind vegetable.
– Black, red and pinto beans
– Beans cooked
– Peas
– Soy
– Almonds

Fish and seafood
– Omega 3 rich fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines and salmon.
– Crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops and oysters.
Poultry without the skin.
– Chicken meat.
– Turkey meat

-Buffalo, camel, rabbit, deer.
– Geese, birds.
Healthy Food Menu Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
To enjoy your breakfast, do not need to consume healthy foods like rice. You can do a combination of snacks like the following::

Breakfast Menu.
1. Oatmeal; Oatmeal is very good consumed atbreakfast, usually in cooking oatmeal can be mixed with peas and corn grains in your oatmeal soup.

2. Cheese; This cheese you can make yourself at home with ingredients that are easy to get and healthier. Flour and ricotta flour is very easy to make at home.

3. Pancakes; Breakfast pancakes with low-sugar caramel sauce can be your healthy breakfast menu at home.

4. Bread. Bread is also one of the list of healthy daily food menu that is suitable consumed in the morning for breakfast.

5. Milk. It is important to make it as energy.

Consumption of foods high in protein and carbohydrates in the morning to fresh in the course of activity.

Lunch menu.
For lunch consumption, healthy food menu that you can choose as follows:
1. Soup; Soup is great for restoring your body’s energy after a day’s work. The soup that can be enjoyed is a combination of some vegetables and pasta.

2. Red rice: Red rice is very good consumed during the day, in addition to the sugar content is less than white rice, brown rice will not make you feel satiated and sleepy.

Consumption of foods high in fiber and carbohydrates to restore energy and lower calories so as not to drowsy

Dinner menu.
For consumption at night can choose a menu as follows:
1. Wheat cereal; Wheat is very good consumed at night, because there is no sugar content that can increase blood sugar levels while resting

2. Wheat, milk; If you do not have time to prepare wheat cereal food, you can choose the easy way to drink wheat milk. The nutritional content is also the same as wheat cereal.

A Healthy Menu Is Definite With Fruits Consumption. By eating fruits and vegetables every day can reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and allergies. Eating organic vegetables can keep the diet because the ingredients are more balanced and contain lots of minerals.

Healthy Tips on Fruit Consumption.
– The presentation of good fruits and vegetables should be washed out of chemicals.
– Avoid consuming too many foods that contain high acid such as pineapple, yam, and cabbage.
– Avoid imported fruit (most have been preserved)
– Avoid fruit that is most likely to be injected with chemicals (dyes and sweeteners)

Healthy with regulating fat fat content of food Fat is generally contained in protein sources, regulating the portion means regulating the fat content contained in the protein source.

Example of a Strategy to Reduce Malicious Food Nutritio. For example, fish, fat in the head, such as snapper and salmon. The body of a cow or chicken lowest fat content on the sirloin and tenderloin while the much fat accumulate in the spleen and liver.

Overall, the good fat is consumed through an intermediate of the neutralizing agent. For example nuts mixed with green vegetables, fried fish-not baked or avocado fruit given additional water. The Healthy Food menu can be enjoyed in two ways and noted that set the portion of food and limit the type of nutritional intake.

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