Food is Important for Women to Stay Healthy

Food is Important for Women to Stay HealthyOmega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and some types of minerals and vitamins are nutrients that can not be missed consumed by women every day. Some of these nutrients are essential to prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, and breast cancer. Eight of these foods, containing the nutrients needed to maintain the health of a woman’s body. Anything? This list as quoted from iDiva.

1. Flax Seed
Flat-shaped seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Anti-inflammatory content in it can prevent inflammation in the joints of the body, or known as arthritis. Flax seed also serves to relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Salmon
If you are a fan of Sushi, have been familiar with this type of fish. Omega-3 fatty acids in it can prevent mood swings, stress or depression.

3. Cranberry
By consuming a glass of cranberry juice every day, you can avoid urinary tract infections, breast cancer, and heart disease.

4. Spinach
Being in the ranks of less favored vegetables, spinach is actually rich in vitamins, minerals, and high magnesium. If you often experience signs of pre-menstruation or PMS such as inflammation, breast pain, bloating, weight gain and unstable mood, then eating spinach can help reduce the symptoms.

5. Walnuts
Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytosterols contained in walnuts can reduce the risk of breast cancer. In addition to Omega-3 walnuts are also rich in calcium, magnesium and folic acid.

6. Wheat Seeds
PMS, body recovery during and after childbirth are ‘typical’ women’s problems that can be overcome with natural ingredients such as wheat kernels. It has nutrients rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid. Wheat seeds are also good for heart health, digestion and blood pressure.

7. Milk
Milk is the main source of calcium, which when combined with vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis. Therefore he is well consumed by women of all ages. Most importantly, milk can also prevent symptoms of PMS.

8. Tomatoes
Carotenoid content that is very important for health is owned in lycopene, red dye on tomatoes. Several studies have shown that efficacious lycopene reduces the risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

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