Healthy Rice Cake from South Korea that Must Try.

Healthy Rice Cake from South Korea that Must Try.Upon hearing ‘Korean Typical Food’, you will remember Kimchi, a spicy pickled from fermented vegetables. Hits, there are still many, South Korean food that becomes favorite dishes in various seasons. Tteok or rice cake is a kosher food that is easily found in the land of ginseng.

Rice flour is the basic ingredient of Tteok which ultimately creates a variety of fun dishes to eat. There are more than 300 Tteok variants in South Korea that have a familiar taste on the tongue. Of the many Tteok dishes,

Boiled Tteok
1. Dukbokki
Dukbokki or Tteokbokki (read: Teokbuki, topokki), this snack has started to circulate in Indonesia and has a similar popularity with Kimchi! Dukboki is made from steamed rice flour which is crushed until it is chewy and shaped like a stem. The South Koreans call it Gara E tteok, cylindrical and elastic. To make Dukbokki, Gara E tteok used to cut short cylinders 5 cm or transverse, then boiled with chili paste, vegetables (spring onions, carrots, and mustard), eggs and noodles. This red-colored handling is suitable to be enjoyed by the heat when the air starts to cool.

2. Gyeongdan
This is klepo South Koreans! It’s sweet, chewy and has a variety of stuffing. How to make Gyeongdan (read: gong-an) similar to klepon, but made from rice flour. These chewy balls are filled with red beans or peanuts and boiled in boiling water for an hour and a half. After drained, coat with flour green tea, peanut or red beans. This snack fits really enjoyed with a cup of hot tea.

Steamed Tteok
When spring or during South Korea celebrations, there is usually a sweet snack called Songpyeon (read: songphyon). This cake is made from rice flour formed like a half month with stuffed red or walnuts. These cookies are steamed together with some pine leaves to make the aroma fresh.

Another sweet dish is Sirutteok. The uniqueness of this cake is steamed in a bowl of earthenware or Peru in South Korean. This cake is made in layers; The base layer of rice flour and other layers of red beans mixed with rice cakes. As a result, this dish will be sweet and legit.

Pounded Tteok
5. Injeolmi
Another snack is Injeolmi (read: Indazole). Injeolmi is rice flour mixed with hot water, salt and sugar until kale then pounded as hard as the heart. When finished, cut the box and shown with sesame powder, red beans or walnuts. Apparently, this food also symbolizes the tight bond. Like the texture, it is hoped the relationship of people who eat can be sticky Injeolmi.

Fried Tteok
6. Hwajeon
A sweet cake called Hwajeon (read: Hwadzeon) looks pretty. The top of the cake is decorated with colorful flower petals. Hwajeon was found by people in the mountains and was once decorated with the Azalea petals that grew in spring. It’s tasty-sweet, fit to snack on a picnic!

7. Bukkumi
Bukkumi sweet cake (read: Bukkumi) is usually served in various colors. Red beans or chopped vegetables will be wrapped in rice flour that has been dulled and then fried. Just like Hwajeon, this food is easier for you to meet when spring arrives.
Food from Time to Time

This sweet and adorable tteok or rice cake turns out to be a legacy of time from civilization in South Korea. According to Visitkorea, the tradition of making Tteok has been going on since 2000 years ago, passing through three dynasties in power in this ginseng country. In ancient times, Korean people used to make these cakes as delivery or gifts to teachers or people in power.

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