Healthy Savoury Snacks

Healthy Savoury SnacksThe cake is a sweet and fragrant food. The cake is synonymous with sweetness and is considered an unhealthy snack because the ingredients used contain high sugar, fat, and calories. However, if you really like the cake, you can still enjoy your cake in a healthier way. Here’s how to make a healthy cake but still have a good taste.

The trick to making a healthy cake but still delicious.
You need a snack to keep your stomach filled and prevent hunger. Of course, you can eat the cake you like, but you should do some of the following tips to keep your diet program successful.

Pay attention to portion size
No matter how healthy the cake you make, your diet will still fail if you do not see and notice the portion of the cake you eat. If you really want to make a healthy cake to help your diet program, you can start by determining the number of portions of the cake that will be made later. You can choose small and mini cake prints, so you tend to be able to control the portion of the cake you’ve eaten.

Add foods that contain various nutrients
Instead of thinking about and choosing which ones to remove from your cake recipe, you better add some ingredients that can make your cakes healthier. Here are some of them:

Try adding vegetables or fruit in the cake. You can add grated apples, carrots, or other types of vegetables and fruits to improve the nutrients of your healthy cakes. Certainly, a healthy cake that you make will have a fairly high fiber content.
Use whole-grain flour. If you decide to make a healthy cake into a snack in the middle of your diet program, it would not hurt to replace ordinary flour into whole-grain flour. Whole-grain flour contains more fiber than cake flour usually. You can use whole-grain flour according to the dosage of the cake flour you normally use.
Use low-fat products. Replace butter with low-fat milk mixed with a little lemon juice or vinegar. Although the taste of your pie slightly changed, but it is guaranteed to taste good. Alternatively, you can also replace butter with fresh yogurt.

Reduce levels of saturated fat and sugar
To reduce the saturated fat and sugar levels in the cake, you can do some of the following modifications:

Replaces some amount of butter with healthy oil. When modifying the recipe, you can try to substitute some amount of butter with some vegetable oils that contain low saturated fat, such as canola oil. But be careful, do not replace all butter with vegetable oil, because it will only change the texture of your cake.
Reduce the sugar you use. To make a healthy cake, you must reduce the amount of sugar used in too much. Try to reduce 25-50% of the sugar in the prescription. If the prescription listed that the required sugar is 4 tablespoons, then you should only use as much as 2-3 tablespoons of sugar alone. This will greatly help reduce the calories in your healthy cake.

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