Healthy Student Meals You need to know

Healthy Student Meals

Healthy Student Meals
_The character is an important thing that instilled in school. Good morals, honesty, and leadership are one of the goals of the character education. However, there are other factors that are equally important, namely healthy food in schools program.

There are still many schools that are considered little concern for students’ health problems. For example, a school canteen selling snacks questionable hygiene.  According to health experts, fulfillment of good nutrition that can foster a good learning passion also on the students. Therefore, school canteens should be filled snacks or a healthy diet. Thus, this nutritional program it should be of particular concern among the schools. The program forms can be the healthy canteen. Explained that the school could create synergy with the school committee made up of parents. Socialization can also be done in terms of healthy menu items that can be consumed by students. Good nutrition is very important for a student. Adequate nutrition is directly related to the shape and endurance so that they can participate spur the spirit of better learning. Nutrients which are necessary for the students of which are carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. Therefore, the healthy canteen is expected to answer those needs. With the healthy canteen, school managements can perform optimal control of the snacks or menus consumed by students.

Student Brings Healthy Meals from home.
If the food in the school Katin still less convincing quality of her health. students should be familiarized Bring food from home. Some of the school children, especially elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, in urban areas tend rarely bring food from home because it is more practical to buy food outside the home than to have to bother bringing lunch in his bag.

Most children do not know that snacks are sold at the merchant does not know how the processing is to meet the standards of health, hygiene, and meet nutritional standards for himself. Therefore in required to accustom the children to bring food from home with a guarantee of cleanliness and hygiene are uncertain.
bring lunch from home must also have the support of parents in preparing food for their children to school. With a healthy and balanced diet, activity in school children a solid guarantee condition remains healthy children in their activities.

By bringing lunch from home can save you money monthly household spending and get children to not buy snacks at any place. In addition, children’s nutritional intake on body growth is guaranteed to support the Government in realizing a healthy young generation and intelligent, as well as achievements in academic and non-academic education.

For parents who always provide their children with food made at home by mother loving and love to the children, of course, we can be sure the food is safe for children. With a record of parents understand how to make healthy food to children. Of course the food hygiene from the material, how to make and serve food in boxes of children already be correct by the parents. And what about the food sold in school canteens? Have a healthy and safe for children? All were returned to the world of education to constantly supervise the food sold in the school canteen.

Food sold in school canteens should be able to provide security for students to consume and helpful also good for the health of students in the school itself. Lack of supervision of the school will result in bad for the environment of the school itself. For example, some students who are poisoning the food sold in the school canteen.

Supervision of food sold in school canteens should be carried out regularly by teachers and principals. Supervision is not intended to suspect a food vendor at the school, but rather encourage them to continue to sell food that is safe to eat. It does not use food preparations of chemicals, materials used also wholesome ingredients. For example, meatballs sold in the school canteen comes from a good meat instead of the chicken tire. Sell gruel not use dye but using natural materials from the leaves Suji.

Healthy food is important to note the school cafeteria. However, in a healthy diet, there is a strong body and soul. Do not let the food consumed by children even lower student achievement. Food should provide good nutrition so that they can support student achievement. Children are the future of our valuable asset. Therefore take care and keep them well. Families, schools, and communities is an institution that coverage should provide the best for each child.

Healthy Foods can students make achievement in school.
Before going to school, children need the intake of energy for the body and brain. In order to increase learning achievement, the child shall breakfast and of course the kind of food that Nutrition. Diakui many nutritionists, breakfast is the most important meal time. The team of researchers from Cardiff University examined the relationship between consumption and quality of breakfast and how well they capture science in school. about 5,000 children aged 9 to 11 years there are more than 100 different primary schools. The researchers observed students who have a habit of breakfast and then following up their academic achievement. Found children who ate breakfast regularly also tend to have the best grades in their studies. But not only the origin of the breakfast, the quality of the nutrients in foods should also be considered. children who are poor quality breakfast, with sweet or fried foods showed better results than children who skip breakfast. Consumption of healthy foods, according to this study largely measured by the portion of fruit and vegetable consumption. The key is in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner also need to consume a healthy diet.

Consistent consumption of breakfast is definitely related to health outcomes in general. However, the results of concentration and cognitive function could not be explained clearly. results of this study could have a direct impact on what foods should be prepared to support their education. And also inform what foods should be consumed by students.

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