Healthy super bowl food alternatives.

1. Delightful quinoa bowl.
A quinoa bowl full of nutrients could be your choice for a healthy lunch menu. By mixing quinoa, potato, beet, broccoli, peas, avocado, and other vegetables of your choice. You will get delicious, gluten-free, and also 100% food suitable for vegans. And serve the creation of healthy bowl of quinoa you in this beautiful bowl.

2. Chicken and quinoa bowl.
Change your rice with quinoa for a delicious lunch menu. chicken fillet and vegetables as a side dish accompanying bowl healthy menu will be the right choice for lunch was delicious and healthy.

3. The ultimate 5 minute oatmeal bowl.
This one recipe is perfect for you who have a very crowded schedule. Because in just 5 minutes, you can eat a delicious bowl of oatmeal consisting of wheat, chia seed, banana, cinnamon, and almond milk. You also add almonds as extra toppings. The right choice to avoid hunger during busy times.

4. Butter toasted oat bowl.
Eating in the morning or breakfast is very important. Therefore, choose a healthy and contained food so you can exercise energetically throughout the day.ry the new breakfast menu with a mixture of wheat, yoghurt, cinnamon, and pistachio nuts.

5. Tender beef bowl.
Eating healthy does not mean to be vegetarian. For those of you fans of beef, you can still make a healthy bowl with this one recipe that is rich in protein. All you need for this dish is just the meat of barbacoa (long-cooked meat or  presto), rice, and various vegetables of your choice.

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