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Welcome to our site previously discussed the food from beans. For now, we will discuss Drink tea. Tea beverage is a true pleasure Asian beverage in which there are antioxidants that are good for health. There are various kinds of tea in the world, but in general, there are four types of tea has properties that can not be underestimated. The following is the idea of healthy tea and Efficacy:
 Healthy Tea Ideas

1. Tea Oloong
Having another name semi-fermented tea. Oloong tea very wide variations, from mild and sweet, until the tea is strong and bitter. the results of a study of over 1500 subjects, those who drank two cups of tea a half Oolong or green tea every day, the risk of high blood pressure by 46 percent over low.The Oloong and green tea is rich in antioxidants which are effective to control the enzyme causes the increase in blood pressure

2. Black Tea
When the tea leaves left fermented until intact, they will turn into black tea, although it is closer to the color red. Many people who want healthy prefer green tea, but black tea is not less antioxidant.Empat components in black tea antioxidants known to protect the brain from damage by last Specific.Year research Germany revealed that black tea can protect the process of plaque formation in the brain that triggers Alzheimer’s disease.

3. The Darjeeling
tea is touted as the world’s best tea is picked from the tea plant that grows in the Himalayas in the Darjeeling region India.Baru research recently discovered the benefits of tea to inhibit the growth of pathogens that can cause illness H.pylori gastritis, ulcer stomach, and cancer gut.Dan between the turns of Darjeeling tea direct positive effect lapse five minutes after drinking. Create maximize its effect avoid eating tea mixed with milk.

4. Yerba Mate
It comes from the leaves of a plant that is considered sacred by the natives of South America, yerba mate herb belonging to the powerful. For reducing the bitterness, enter mate herb leaves in hot water (not boiling). The results of the study in 2011 showed yerba mate has the ability to damage the cells cancer.Komponen in tea, including caffeine, are thought to damage the DNA of cancer cells.

some of it is a healthy idea of Tea. but from ancient times until now people who like to drink coffee Many people who love to relax with a cup of coffee or tea. However, which one is healthier and better for the body. But for better health drink tea or coffee.

Which do you prefer, coffee or tea? This overview is a simple question. But in fact, this question will have an effect on the health of your body. Perhaps you already know the many benefits of tea, whether black tea or green tea. Others with coffee, which is rarely included in the list of drinks that are good for the body.

The caffeine content in coffee was real coffee distanced from the list of healthy beverages. Indeed, if taken at a lower rate, caffeine can be a stimulant. However, if consumed in excess, then the caffeine will give you a lot of side effects for your body. is it true that tea is a healthier drink than coffee?

Coffee and Tea Equally Contains Antioxidants
Although both contain antioxidants, but different types. Tea contains flavinoids, which is basically photo chemicals. While coffee contains quinines and chlorogenic acid, which together eliminate free radicals in the body.

Coffee Contains More Caffeine
is a common knowledge that that coffee contains more caffeine than the tea. In fact, in fact, the caffeine content in coffee more 2 times more than tea.

Healthy Tea for Digestion
When talking about the stomach, there is no such thing as a choice of coffee or tea. It is clear that tea is healthy for your stomach. Tea is very good for digestion, especially if made without milk and sugar.

Coffee and Tea Equally Protecting Against Cancer
The tea drinkers have better protection in the face of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. While the coffee drinkers have more immunity in the face of liver cancer.

With the explanation, of course, you as a loyal reader will understand that a healthy idea of tea is very much beneficial than we often drink a lot of coffee.

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