Tips to make Healthy Ice Lollies chocolate

Healthy Ice Lollies
Healthy Ice lollies or so-called ice-skewer is one kind of ice cream you can serve to your family, and ice cream can be easily prepared and healthy as well. when you are no plans to make the recipe below is a breakdown popsicle recipe chocolate filled with chocolate chips.

The following recipe chocolate ice cream lollies.
Before making it, first, prepare the ingredients that will be used for making ice lollies. you have to provide. 1 can of condensed milk, 200 ml of water, 20 grams of cornstarch, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, 100 ml heavy cream, 100 grams of chocolate chips (or can mess), 100 grams of cooking chocolate melted.

Please, you Stir in sweetened condensed milk with water, add the cornstarch, vanilla. Cook the mixture over low heat until boiling and thickened.
Prepare popsicle molds, pour the mixture into the mold, put chocolate chips/misses taste, stirring slowly so that the chocolate chip / misses evenly.
Enter in the freezer for 20 minutes (until half frozen). In a half-frozen state, prick with a popsicle stick. Freeze until frozen perfect.

For at present to family and friends, remove the chocolate from the molds popsicle, dip into melted chocolate cook. The liquid cooking chocolate will harden after being exposed to a temperature of frozen popsicles.
Please try chocolate popsicle recipes, for stuffing (here wearing brown chip / missed), you can add the ingredients you like.

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